Building A Better Future

Flaxby Park will be real, self-contained, self-sustaining community featuring a wide choice of high quality homes; transport advantages; working, shopping, educational, healthcare and social amenities; beautifully landscaped setting; complete security; and a healthy stimulating natural environment.

In total - more than just a place to live, but a place for life.


Flaxby Park has the potential to deliver over a thousand high quality new homes towards Harrogate district’s needs in a countryside setting without eating into green belt. Diversity will be the touchstone - widening the opportunities for home ownership and creating a sustainable, inclusive community for all generations.

  • Homes for families with children, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom, detached, semis and terraces reflecting local demand
  • Zones reserved to cater for the growing trend for innovative self-build homes
  • Higher value "executive" style homes to meet Golden Triangle aspirations
  • Affordable homes to rent and buy including starter homes
  • High specification apartments for entrants to the market and retired people downsizing
  • Accommodation specially designed to meet older people’s needs
  • Mix of densities across the park, lower around executive and self-builds, higher closer to retail and employment areas

Sustainable Transport

Flaxby Park is planned to foster safe, simple and healthy movement on foot, by bike and bus around the community, reduce cars use and create efficient, sustainable links with Knaresborough, Harrogate (just 15 minutes away,) Leeds and the rest of the UK.

  • Network of lanes and pathways connecting neighbourhoods with the central hub giving priority to walkers and cyclists
  • Integrated public transport strategy with potential to incorporate a bus-based Park & Ride scheme
  • High quality access to and from the A59 utilising recently built roundabout
  • Improved infrastructure along A59 corridor and at A1(M) interchange
  • Balance of land uses to minimise journey lengths for work, school, leisure, shopping, and other activities
  • Location on the Harrogate side of the A1(M) for quicker access to Harrogate’s advantages

A Centre Rich In Amenities

Totally unlike an estate just to live in and travel from for everything else, Flaxby Park clusters a variety of work, education, shopping, leisure and healthcare facilities in a vibrant central core. So it’s different at heart.

  • The essentials: education provision, childcare, healthcare and local centre
  • The extras: supporting amenities including leisure and community facilities
  • All within walking distance of most homes
  • Employment zone for entrepreneurial business in office or light industrial workspace
  • Landmark luxury hotel with residences attached
  • In total - all the amenities of a real town in a sublime countryside setting

Inspiring Design And Landscaping

The big picture for Flaxby Park is a connected community of neighbourhoods, each with its own character, defined by original art and landscaping, guided by a design code to balance creative freedom with a distinctive, overall visual identity.

  • Follows the Government’s Garden Village principles of blending the best of town and country to create complete settlements
  • Significant investment in original artworks at key gateways and spaces throughout the Park
  • Design Code for house builders and self builders based on the best of North Yorkshire vernacular architecture to create harmony both within the Park and with its neighbours
  • Integration of the development within the site’s landscaped setting at the interface with surrounding countryside
  • Remodeling the topography to create a landscape of satisfying vistas

Security And Peace Of Mind

Residents throughout the Park will be free to enjoy a quiet and undisturbed life style thanks to the comprehensive security system. Its visible presence affirms the development’s country park identity and its additional services make life easier as well as more relaxed.

  • Ornamental gateways with Flaxby Park deer motif
  • Entrance lodge in rustic style which houses trained concierge staff
  • CCTV system monitors comings and goings
  • Concierge staff will take delivery of online shopping and store foodstuffs in a cold room – a traditional solution for a digital age
  • 24/7 security patrol and phone helpline

A Wealth Of Environmental Assets

The site embraces woodland with deer and profuse birdlife, rolling grassland, streams, ponds and small lakes with thriving ecosystems. We will conserve and capitalise upon these superb natural assets to enhance the beauty of the park and the health and well-being of its residents.

  • Create a green infrastructure retaining existing woodland and planting new trees and heathland species
  • Develop a network of pathways and cycleways for travel and recreation
  • Preserve areas for community parkland and sports activities
  • Develop nature trails and outdoor “classrooms” in conjunction with the new school
  • Include and improve the sustainable drainage system (SUDS) of ponds and swales
  • Ensure wildlife corridors connecting with the surrounding countryside
  • Incorporate biodiversity enhancements in and around the development